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Decking Cleaning & Oiling

Newly installed decking can look great and has become a popular choice by homeowners in areas such as Worthing and Eastbourne in Sussex. Decking provides extra dining space and makes an attractive garden feature, enhancing the look of any property.

However, if it is not looked after, it can soon look dirty and grubby and moss and slippery algae can flourish across the surface making the decking unsafe. Decking does need regular maintenance to keep it looking in pristine condition.

Sussex Drive Cleaning offer a pressure cleaning service to thoroughly deep clean your decking. After applying a fungicidal treatment, we will power wash the area, using specialised pressure washing equipment. The benefit of our rotary head machinery enables us to clean quickly and efficiently, without causing ‘striping’ that can be associated with normal jet washers. Almost instantly, the build-up of dirt, grime and surface growth is washed away with ease and the beauty of the wood can be appreciated once again.

To protect your decking further, we would recommend that once dry, a quality decking oil is applied. This process will feed the wood, nourishing and replacing natural oils that have been lost through general weathering, leaving your decking beautifully finished.

For more information about our decking cleaning service for Sussex, just click here or call 0800 988 0348.